Yoga Central is an alignment-based studio that is focused on helping people bring more joy into their lives. Our mission is to bring people together to learn and experience the joy of Yoga in a safe and caring environment.

Strengthen your body
Give you more flexibility
Help you build endurance
Feel more alive and energetic
Feel happier and more connected

We also offer children’s classes that are designed to teach kids how to focus and relax. Children also learn how their bodies function and how to keep their bodies healthy as they grow!

Our teachers also offer private lessons, workshops, and teacher training to deepen your practice and your knowledge about yoga.


Like to Schedule a Massage?  

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Massage at Yoga Central  Menu

Classic Relaxation   A traditional massage using light to moderate pressure.  If you need to relax or escape the day, this is the treatment for you.              

60 min  $70 / 90 min  $100

Deep Tissue               Intended to release chronic muscle tension in the deepest layers of the muscle and connective tissue.                                                         

60 min $80 / 90 min   $110

Targeted                   Moderate or deep pressure will be used in this focused massage.

30 min     $45