Classes and Pricing

Yoga Express                      60min  6 am and 7:15 am MWF  w/Tonya Henning RYT 500

Heartful Alignment           90min 10am MWF  w/ Sally Beckett RYT 200

Heartful Alignment is perfect for beginners to advanced students. The major emphasis is on the alignment of the body and connecting with our hearts.  Learn how concentrating on physical alignment and finding awareness of the breath can connect your thoughts and feelings with your inner self.

 Sunrise Yoga                      60 min 6am Tuesday w/Vicky Cleary RYT 200

Vinyasa Flow                      90min 10am Tuesday w/ Kasey Parsons RYT 200

Align and Breathe             60min 6pm Tuesday w/Marianna Evans RYT 200

Integrate mind, body and spirit in this all levels class.  Breathing techniques, meditation and asana poses blend  together to encourage and inspire.  Poses are refined, paying special attention to alignment and safety points. Movement with the breath is also explored. Increase strength while decreasing stress, bringing a sense of peace into your life.  This class is appropriate for those with some yoga experience, as well as those just starting their yoga journey.


Mindfulness Movement   90min 10am Thursday  w/Kasey Parsons RYT 200

Moving with mind, body and spirit awareness. Working the cadence of the breath along with the movement of your body. Setting your intention and attention on your awareness of what YOU need in mind and body. Ideally a level 2-3 practice but all levels welcome and all can learn and progress in any yoga class…come join the fun.

All Levels                            60-90min 9am Saturday   Vicky Cleary  RYT 200

Integrative Flow                90min 9am Sunday   w/Lisa Callahan RYT 200

Sunday morning’s alignment-based yoga class is designed to help you find your own best expression of each pose. The yoga rope wall is used as a prop to help with difficult balancing postures, inversions, and strong standing poses. This class brings people together weekly to help them stay strong, flexible, and balanced.

Integrative Flow is an all levels class though beginning students may feel more comfortable with 1 month of practice before attending.

Curvy Yoga                        90min 11am Sunday    w/Marianna Evans RYT 200

Curvy Yoga offers a comfortable environment where all bodies are welcomed, accepted and celebrated! Through the generous use of props and techniques, modifications are offered so the yoga pose fits you, instead of fitting you to the pose. Join us for body-affirming yoga that works for your body, just as it is.  Appropriate for everyone looking to explore yoga in the body they have now.




$15 Drop in Fee

$60 for 5 classes

$110 for 10 Classes

$100 Monthly Unlimited Contracted

$120 One Month Unlimited

First Time Student Rates

$15 Drop in Rate

$45 Five Class Pass

$60  Two Week Unlimited